Below is just a sample of some of the areas that would be excited to discuss with potential clients. We are open to new areas of research and consulting, and pride ourselves on being flexible receptive to all client needs, while striking a balance between empirical rigor and creating value for all stakeholders.
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We are continually building our best practice recommendations for how individuals and organizations might be able to develop and grow their resiliency resources, and optimize their outcomes after experiencing challenging events. 

employee selection

Effective and fair employee selection practices are essential to the success of any business. Whether it's assessments on personality, cognitive ability, or any other individual difference, we are well-equipped to help you understand important issues around selection so that you and your organization can make well-informed, evidence-based decisions.

Survey and research design, and data analysis

We are experts in scale and test development, designing survey and experimental research studies, and in advanced data analysis methods, like multiple regression, analysis of variance, confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation modeling, multilevel modeling, and finite mixture modeling.