It's May?!!

Phew. Now that was a busy semester! Seemed to pass by right before our eyes!

Before presenting some very exciting updates, our apologies for not highlighting the following accomplishments as they happened.

First, huge congratulations to both Aubrey Mercer and Jenna Duronio. Both are graduating from Oakland University, and are continuing with their studies in graduate school! Aubrey is joining the Master's of I/O psychology at Wayne State University, and Jenna will be starting her graduate degree at the University of Central Florida. Congratulations to both!! Both will be missed in the RAW lab :(

Second, the RAW lab was able to attend the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology conference in Chicago last week. What an inspiring, awesome conference. So much great work is being done in I/O, and we all walked away with lots of great, new ideas, and lots of motivation to carry out new projects this summer! A big thank you to all SIOP attendees who stopped by to say Hello at our poster and chat with us about potential collaborations. 

Finally, some of our research methods work has been published at the journal, Organizational Research Methods --  a top-tier journal! The paper is on cutting-edge use of latent profile analysis or latent class analysis in combination with mediation, moderation, or conditional effects. If all of that sounded a bit dense, not to worry, just shoot us an email, and we'd be happy to chat more!


That about wraps up this very over-due update! All the best for a productive, yet relaxing, summer!