Mid-Fall Update

Hello there! I hope everyone’s semester is going well!

A couple of quick (and exciting) announcements to send out. Our publication list has been updated to reflect two new papers that were published in September!

Second, and more importantly, the Department of Psychology at Oakland University is hosting Jim Diefendorff, Ph.D. (University of Akron) as a Distinguished Lecturer this semester! The talk is open to all, and is titled: Emotion Regulation at Work: Understanding the “Heart” of Emotional Labor. The talk will take place on OU’s campus: O’Dowd Hall, Room 202b on Friday, November 2nd, 3:30pm to 5:00pm. A poster and Abstract for the talk is available here. If you would like further details, please contact Matt McLarnon.

We’re excited and eagerly awaiting Jim’s talk!

Good luck with all those upcoming mid-term exams!!

"So... how was your summer?"

The common question around the hallways here in the Psych Department at OU is "So... how was your summer?" Without fail, the answer is "Not long enough!" It's September already?! Going from the posts on this blog, it seems like I'm in a constant state of disbelief -- I couldn't believe that it was already May after flying through the semester last Winter, and now I'm having trouble believing we're only days away from kicking off a new semester! Guess I shouldn't be surprised by any of this because 'time flies when you're having fun!' :P

Regardless of how fast the coming year is bound to fly by, we're looking forward to it! We're looking forward to the many new challenges and opportunities that are bound to come are way.

We're looking for new members -- either at the Master's or Ph.D. level -- if you're interested in joining please email and see the Department of Psychology website for more information!

It's May?!!

Phew. Now that was a busy semester! Seemed to pass by right before our eyes!

Before presenting some very exciting updates, our apologies for not highlighting the following accomplishments as they happened.

First, huge congratulations to both Aubrey Mercer and Jenna Duronio. Both are graduating from Oakland University, and are continuing with their studies in graduate school! Aubrey is joining the Master's of I/O psychology at Wayne State University, and Jenna will be starting her graduate degree at the University of Central Florida. Congratulations to both!! Both will be missed in the RAW lab :(

Second, the RAW lab was able to attend the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology conference in Chicago last week. What an inspiring, awesome conference. So much great work is being done in I/O, and we all walked away with lots of great, new ideas, and lots of motivation to carry out new projects this summer! A big thank you to all SIOP attendees who stopped by to say Hello at our poster and chat with us about potential collaborations. 

Finally, some of our research methods work has been published at the journal, Organizational Research Methods --  a top-tier journal! The paper is on cutting-edge use of latent profile analysis or latent class analysis in combination with mediation, moderation, or conditional effects. If all of that sounded a bit dense, not to worry, just shoot us an email, and we'd be happy to chat more!


That about wraps up this very over-due update! All the best for a productive, yet relaxing, summer!

Happy 2018!

Happy New Year to everyone from everyone here at the RAW lab!

It was a fantastic 2017 -- but here's to an even better 2018!

New research and consulting projects are on the go, and there will be some updated research postings soon! In the meantime, please see below for our notice on expanding -- we're looking for new graduate students (either at the MSc or PhD level) to join us for September 2018! See below, and the Department of Psychology website for more info!

RAW lab is looking to expand!

Wow, has the semester flown by or what?! It has been great and productive (not to mentioned packed) semester so far. We're closing in on the end of 2017 and as research lab definitely have a number of accomplishments to be proud of (see the research page!) -- and this is only the beginning, as 2018 promises to be an even stronger year at the RAW lab!


The RAW lab is looking to expand in September of 2018! Specifically, if you are considering a graduate degree (MS or Ph.D.) in psychology and are interested in focusing on resiliency and similar workplace issues, do not hesitate to contact Matt directly, and to explore the graduate programs at Oakland University. OU provides a fantastic environment for pursuing a graduate education in psychology with top-notch faculty and numerous opportunities to get involved with multidisciplinary research!

Upcoming presentations

After a whirlwind start to the semester, there are two presentations happening this fall that the lab members are participating in. First, Matt is highlighting some of his work and research on resiliency in the workplace in an invited talk to the Michigan Association for Industrial Organizational Psychology (MAIOP) on Thursday, October 19th. The talk is happening at The Office Coffee Shop in Royal Oak, Michigan (402 S Lafayette Ave, 48067). It's all starting at 6pm with a networking event before the presentation. Second, in collaboration with Oakland University's William Beaumont School of Medicine, the lab will be participating in a Veteran's Day Conference on resiliency in Pontiac, Michigan. This presentation, on November 11, will focus on resiliency for members of the military and will highlight a number of different exercises that individuals can use to help build his/her resiliency. Further details and timing of the presentation will be posted soon.

We hope to see you at both of these presentations!

What a summer!!

Although summer is winding down and the fall is coming up very quickly (Are those leaves changing color already?! ... Classes start next week??!?), getting started for the coming year is very exciting! The lab will be working on a couple of really amazing projects this year, and we're looking forward to kicking off more collaborations and getting involved in more research and applied opportunities.

But, let's look back on the summer! Whoa, has it been a busy one! The RAW lab helped publish a number of interesting (trust me, this is an unbiased perspective ;) ) articles -- check the updated Research page. As well, we crunched a bunch of numbers of a few new projects that we've submitted to various academic journals -- we'll update our material once those make it through the publication process.

Have a great Fall!

Conference updates!

Wow -- what a whirlwind trip of conferences! 

Lab members attended the conferences of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Orlando, FL), Meeting of the Minds (Rochester, MI), Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Leadership (Mykonos, Greece), and the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (Dublin, Ireland) all within a few weeks!

The conferences were amazingly successful and very inspiring! We met some fantastic new colleagues, and were able to connect with many past collaborators. We're happy to send out any of the material we presented at the conferences, so just send us a message if you're interested.

But the conference season isn't over yet! We're presenting some ground-breaking research on interpersonal conflict in work teams at the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) conference in Toronto, ON June 8-10. Should be another great conference -- and we hope to meet many more new colleagues there too!

In the meantime... we'd better get back to work!

Presentation at the Meeting of the Minds

Just announced: We will be kicking off the conference season with a poster presentation given by lab member, Jenna Duronio. Jenna will be presenting ground-breaking research comparing two different theories of resiliency! She'll be announcing the winner at the 25th Annual Meeting of the Minds Undergraduate Research Conference, happening on Friday, May 12, 2017 (8:30am - 4:00pm) in the Oakland Center Banquet Rooms on the Oakland University campus. See here for more information about the conference - it'll be a great opportunity to hear about cutting-edge research. Stop by Jenna's poster and find out which resiliency theory came out on top!!    Or if you want to spoil the surprise, just email us for further information!

Conferencing, round 2!

Looks like this spring is definitely going to be a busy one for conferences! Even more of the Resiliency at Work lab's research will be presented at the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology Congress in Dublin, Ireland (May 17- 20) and at the Canadian Psychological Association in Toronto, Canada (June 8-10). It'll certainly be a busy spring for travelling, but we're looking forward to all these opportunities to present our cutting-edge research!